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Nuclear Services


Our mobile nuclear medicine services include a complete array of components for nuclear imaging. We provide registered staff, state of the art equipment, ICANL accreditation, online reading and reporting solutions. This unique mobile nuclear service makes it possible to perform quality patient imaging right in your office.

Because we bring the nuclear imaging equipment and staff to your location, your patients are more comfortable. Our priority is to serve you and your patients in a caring and professional manner.

What you provide:

  • Exam room in your office for a day
  • Schedule the patients according to predetermined times
  • Bill the patient for the services

What We Provide:

  • Personnel and/or equipment lease
  • Nuclear Cardiology SPECT imaging camera
  • Stress treadmill if needed
  • NMTCB or ARRT(N) licensed Technologist
  • Cardiac Stress Technician
  • ICANL accredited
  • Billing specialists who can help you ensure maximum reimbursements
  • Assistance with payor qualifications
  • Startup assistance operations and billing
  • Online image viewing and reporting software
  • DICOM archiving solution

Mobile Nuclear Medicine Equipment

Our maiCAM-180(mSPECT) nuclear camera has the following features:

  • Small enough (30"X56") to fit through normal doorways
  • 500lb patient weight limit
  • 6-8 minute scan time

Benefits of Mobile Nuclear Medicine

  • Additional revenue for your practice with no capital investment
  • Reduced set up time
  • Simplified administration and regulatory procedures
  • Superior quality care for your patients

Mobile Imaging Services You Can Depend On

SonoCare is dedicated to providing precise and accurate services for you and your patients. We make nuclear testing more convenient and cost effective, bringing more revenue for your practice.