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Ultrasound Services


SonoCare enables you to offer convenient and cost effective services to your patients, while generating additional profits for your practice. By providing state-of-the-art equipment and certified sonographers, we help you add 20 new billable procedures to your practice.

Mobile ultrasound services provided by SonoCare offer all the services of most hospitals with the convenience of having the testing done within your clinical setting. When patients feel more comfortable in the familiar setting of their primary care doctors office, patient compliance and satisfaction increases.

Dependable Service and Reliable Medicine

SonoCare utilizes the latest ultrasound equipment and uses ARDMS/CCI sonographers. We follow the guidelines set forth by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Echocardiology Laboratories (ICAEL) and the American College of Radiology (ACR). Insurance companies are beginning to require facilities to be ICAEL and ACR accredited for reimbursement – we do it as a standard of care.

Ultrasound Staffing

SonoCare has a team of highly qualified and experienced sonographers that use the latest digital equipment to deliver exceptional sonography services. We ensure superior services by supporting our sonographers with continuing education, accreditation protocols and on-going support.

How It Works

SonoCare brings the equipment, staffing, and services directly to your office. You provide us with an exam room and schedule the patients according to predetermined times and procedures. We will provide billing specialists who can help you ensure maximum reimbursements. Medicare approved ICD-9 and CPT codes are also provided.

All studies are read by renowned board certified cardiologists and radiologists. Reports are faxed to your office within one business day and STAT reports are also available. Ultrasound images and echocardiograms are available to your physicians upon request.